Wednesday, 2 April 2014


The Shelterstone Crag
Hell's Lum

A lot of avalanche debris from out of Hells Lum
Ptarmigan changing into spring colours day by day
Regular client Terry was due to be out again with me today but unfortunately his wife had broken her wrist yesterday whilst they were walking their dogs. Poor Terry, Aviemore isn't a lucky place for him. We were blasted by 80mph winds on his first day out with me before Christmas and only reached 500m before turning (crawling) back, his second attempt had to be postponed because of food poisoning, at least we had a great day out a couple of weeks ago. So I found myself with a spare day today and headed over into the Loch Avon basin. There was thick cloud and poor visibility on the plateau and even at 800m descending down to the Feithe Bhuidhe there was still cloud. There is good snow cover here but also big holes in the snow pack and some dodgy looking snow bridges. There as been some recent avalanche debris all the way out of Hells Lum down to the Feithe Buidhe. I just got back to the Cairngorm car park late afternoon and the cloud had lifted and it was lovely sunshine.

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