Monday, 19 October 2015


A nice couple of hours of blue skies this afternoon
The locals on the Cairngorm Mountain road
Showing off
Traffic chaos
Lovely biking in the sun up Glenmore

A welcome spell of bright sunshine in the middle of the day today. It felt almost summer like again in the Strath. I had a blast on the bike up the Cairngorm Mountain road to the Ciste carpark. The local reindeer herd where out showing off to the tourists on the road. The route up to Cairn Gorm from the Ciste car park is very pleasant and much quieter, with  less skiing paraphernalia to see on the way to the top. There was high level cloud later in the afternoon and a cooler blast back down the road on the descent. Tuesday into Wednesday looks like the end of the high pressure system weve been enjoying for some time now. Maybe a bit of a breeze coming along too?

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