Sunday, 22 January 2017


More crampons today

Winter navigation

Snow hole City

Hard work digging at the moment

But quickly getting a shelter dug

Poor visibility

Cairn Gorm Snow Bunting

Of course we have snow!
Day two out with the Cotswold Outdoors group. Today we put all the skills learnt yesterday into action and the guys made a route up to Cairn Gorm. We used all the available snow from the Ciste Carpark and on the way we covered lots of navigation. In the afternoon we took a peak over in Ciste Mheared, snow hole city as I call it. Lots of folk here, I wondered where they all where as we saw no one all day up to then. After some snow shelter construction we made our way through poor vis up to Cairn Gorm summit, finishing  the weekend on a Munro summit. A great couple of days as per usual with the Cotswold guys and a big thanks to Geoff who was out with us this weekend.

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