Sunday, 5 February 2017


All smiles on steep ground

Self belay

Chris loving the steep ground

Busy on the Faiacaill Choire Cas this mornig

Peace and quiet with no one on our we rib

Coming down

Deep snow in places

Our route protected with rock

They're happy the snows returned too
Another day of light snowfall for much of the day, despite a forecast promising a dry and possibly bright weather. Kerry and Chris were out with me for one day of 'winter skills'. My courses are always very flexible with regards to course content and today was no exception.  The couple from England were quite comfortable on the easy snow slopes at the start of the day. So we stepped up the game and headed from the foot of the Fiacaill Choire Cas (which was mobbed with many groups) over to the rocky rib which runs east from the summit of 1141m. This is a great wee area, steep and interesting route to get to the top. Lots of bare rock pocking out of the snow pack so we were well protected. We moved up and down this feature, not much ice here or frozen ground, the fresh snow from the last couple of days had fallen (blown) on bare ground. The cloud descended as the day wore on and even heavier snowfall by late afternoon to Glenmore level. Staying cold and further snow forecast into next week. This could well be the longest spell of snow weather all far. A great day with Kerry and Chris and they are already getting excited about returning again.
Thanks to Richard Kermode who was working for me this weekend. He had Father and son team out in The Cairngorms on a two day course.

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